What does a new roof cost?

What does a new roof cost?

Everything comes back to a price, and new roofs are no different. So, what does a new roof cost? Before we dive into the pricing of a new roof, it’s important to first determine if you actually need a new roof.

Sometimes, all your roof needs are some maintenance or some repair work. It may be more cost-effective, and truly what’s needed to just repair the issues.

The two biggest indicators for when should you get a new roof.

  1. When it’s coming up on it’s expected durability life. Most roofs (except metal roofs) are expected can last on average from 10-20 years. If you’ve been in your home for 18+ years, and your roof is 18 years old, it may be time to get it looked at. Granted, depending on the material, and quality of the original install, this may not be the case.
  2. When you are having water leak issues. We’re not talking about just small minor leaks. We’re talking about those pesky, keep coming back, extensive water damage leaks. Sometimes you need to replace the entire roof. Because just repairing the leaks is like putting a band-aid on a wound that needs stitches.


Okay, so you determined you need a new roof, now what? You need to choose a quality roofing company. But you also need to make sure they are including all factors for your job. This includes venting, proper flashing, gutter replacement, etc. and with the right installation to ensure your warranty is valid. You can have Chuck with a Truck do your roof, or you can choose a dependable, affordable roofing company (AKA us). There will be a price difference, of course, but with a professional roofing company, you get what you pay for, professionalism, proper insurances to protect your home, and correct installation backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

What kind of new roof do you want?


There are many different roofing options to choose from! all have different good and bad things about them, so here are some basic things about each type.

  • Asphalt Shingles – The most common type of shingles used in the United States.
  • Wood Shake – all-natural material, but is more prone to fire.
  • Tile roofs – easy to replace if they get damaged.
  • Metal roofs – longest-lasting, but more expensive.

So come on, how much does a new roof cost?


If you’re looking for a quick estimator for how much a new roof would cost, you can head over to Homeadvisor, and use their nifty estimator. But as a general guide, including removal of the old roof, and the quality of the company (excluding Chuck the Truck). You can expect and should expect to for high-quality roofing more per square footage. And while we can’t guarantee HomeAdvisor’s estimates, but it will help serve as a guide to people looking to get general quotes. At Affordable Philly Roofer, we offer in-home free estimates! Give us a call at (215) 515-7643 and we can schedule a no-obligation quote that is good for up to 12 months!